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Let’s get acquainted! AGRONEZH grain dryers!

We’ve been working hard for the entire year 2020 to set up production, create new models of grain drying equipment, and develop new and effective technical solutions. ⠀

Now we say hello to you.

We, LLC «Agronezh», are a Russian manufacturer of cyclic grain drying equipment TM AGRONEZH, located in the very center of agricultural engineering in Russia — in Voronezh region. This ideal logistic location enables quick delivery of the equipment to the farms and prompt service!

The grain drying equipment AGRONEZH is developed by own patented technology, combining in itself all best and proven developments and solutions of European and Russian designers taking into account agronomic features of different climatic zones of the world. ⠀

AGRONEZH grain dryers are synonymous with failure-free operation, low operating costs, high productivity and fire safety! ⠀

AGRONEZH grain dryers are based on the classic drying principle used in cyclic grain dryers — they operate in a continuous cycle. AGRONEZH dryers require no foundation or construction work and are installed in two days on any level ground. ⠀

Our grain dryers allow farmers to: ⠀ ⠀ 

— pay off of the grain dryer in two seasons! ⠀

— ⠀ significantly reduce your fuel costs. Maximum consumption — 0,8l/1t/% ⠀ ⠀

— Uninterrupted operation of the grain dryer for years ⠀

— ⠀ quickly change from one crop to the other ⠀

— work in all ambient temperatures, even in extreme cold ⠀

AGRONEZH grain drying equipment has the highest level of fire safety and energy efficiency. There is no heat loss in AGRONEZH grain dryers! ⠀

Our goal is to provide farmers with affordable, efficient, technologically advanced drying equipment! And this is equipment of AGRONEZH!

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