Сентябрь 2021 — AGRONEZH


  • After-sales service
  • Preparation of equipment for the season
  • Preservation for off-season storage
  • Practical training during the commissioning of the dryer

Модель М10

Объем бункера — 14 м3

Drying with heated air

The AGRONEZH grain dryers are equipped with air heated drying technology, which has proven its efficiency. The essence of this technology is the three-chamber furnace unit:

  • in the first chamber, fuel combustion takes place,
  • in the second — the intake of heated burner and the external «cold» air,
  • in the third chamber the mixed air is discharged into the inner cone. 

It is the «hot air drying» technology that ensures gentle, delicate drying of grain and high fire safety!


AGRONEZH grain dryers, thanks to high-quality materials and components, have high operational data that allow the grain AGRONEZH grain dryers are cost-effective compared to conventional dryers — no need for approval work, costly building work and foundations. The difference in price is up to 300% compared to conventional dryers with the same output.

AGRONEZH grain dryer in a new design!

Today we shipped the restyled AGRONEZH M20 dryer to the Altai region!

Have you noticed the new perfect shape of the furnace unit? And this is just the first stage of the redesign of the AGRONEZH dryers!

Industrial designers developed the new design, our constructors translated it into drawings and production implemented it in metal! Good teamwork!

Together we are on our way to the perfect dryer — the most efficient, the most reliable and, last but not least, the most beautiful!

Choosing a AGRONEZH dryer is a guarantee of top-class technology for years to come!

8 800 700 300 2

The AGRONEZH M20 grain dryer is available!

The AGRONEZH M20 grain dryer is the most versatile and popular dryer!

Exactly this model is suitable almost for any farm, irrespective of the area!

Productivity of M20:

— wheat — 148 t/day;

— corn — 101 t/day;

— sunflowers — 68 t/day.

All AGRONEZH grain dryers are equipped as standard with no optional extras.

It is made from top-quality materials and components, and will last for decades without fail.


✔diesel burner FBR (Italy),

✔grid Ø 2 mm,

✔ central lubrication system,

✔ central auger cleaning system,

✔ automated control panel Schneider (Germany),

✔ bearings from SNR and NTN (Italy),

✔ gearboxes Comer and S.T.M (Italy),

✔ universal joints (Italy),

✔ electric dual side loading,

✔ enlarged loading chute 2800x700mm,

✔ aspiration system,

✔ PVC sheet metal cover.

Two AGRONEZH M20 grain dryers are now in stock in Voronezh!

Prepare in advance for the season #drying2021

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